Frequently Asked Questions

We are still working to add more FAQ's here. Please mail us at for any queries.

  • Classes are live, remote and interactive. We use a virtual whiteboard for explaining concepts and code live on popular editors such as Leetcode, interviewbit, etc. Instructors are provided suitable hardware for facilitating these classes smoothly. The focus of the classes is on solving problems - tonnes of them together with a solid foundation of the theoretical concepts.

  • Since it's more of an initiative we just charge enough to cover the logistical cost and that differs for each program. Write us at for other queries.

  • No. this program is open for anyone who wants to get a job in IT sector. In fact, we prefer to keep students from core branches to continuously test our competitiveness.

  • Since this is a very common problem with college grads, we keep all our sessions in the evening after regular college hours. We are also a huge fan of democracy so for any outliers on weekends and holidays, we vote among all students and go with the majority.

  • We are still working on making batches more frequent due to excessive demand. Currently our batches runs after every 3 months.

  • Yes, we have practice problems that we give to students as assignments and have periodic doubt solving sessions on them as well as on the concepts covered in the class. Apart from doubt sessions, we also have weekly hackathons for developing the skill of solving problems in a time-constrained environment. We also have mock-interviews to give students a feel of actual interviews and how to go about clearing them.

  • We basically covers everything which you can encounter while preparing for any interview. This includes regular coding contests, DPP's, Mock interviews, Peer2Peer interactions and many more intellectual elements.

  • We currently kept it for 10-12 weeks only. But it does changes basis on feedback from our students.

  • Sessions generally take place in the evening from 8-11 PM roughly 5-7 days a week but can change according to availability of students. We also have long breaks (~15 days) if and when students have other commitments (like exams, etc.)

  • We keep recording of each session. Recordings are available for everyone based on requests.

  • Yes, Demux Academy will help all their students and alums to get referrals in big tech companies. We are also working on getting few good startups onboard to our platform.

  • Yes, there will be a Participation/Internship certification after you complete the Program.

  • There will be a screening test post which candidates will be enrolled.