Student Interview Experience

Microsoft Internship experience (On-Campus Internship)

Coding round-

In coding round we had 3 questions to be done in 90 mins. It was on mettl.

Q1 was parenthesis balancing question.

Q2 involved sorting along with greedy approach.

Q3 was also some brute force question..

I did 2 of them and 3rd question partial.

Bits/stdc++ library was not working.

Group fly round-

We were divided into groups of 6–7 people randomly and asked one question. 45 mins was time limit.

The question was, given two large linked list which contains decimal numbers each, and you had to either add/subtract them depending on their sign. We had to take care of decimal point and the question involved many corner cases depending on fact that both number can be +ve/-ve.

We were asked to write code on paper and explain our approach to the mentor of group.

Technical round 1:

He gave me a question on tree where root node, a random node, and a distance ‘d’ is given. You have to find all the nodes at distance d from random node.

I tried giving him some naive solution to which he wanted something better solution. (You can do it by converting that tree to graph and doing dfs)

The other question was basically count sort which i did by hashing and wrote full code on paper. He was satisfied with my code.

Technical Round 2:

The interviewer started by discussing the projects which I did and asked me about the process and everything.

Later he was asking me to write some client based application to send emails to customers on daily/hourly basis. I was clueless and i said him that I didn’t work on all of these stuff.

Then he asked me depth of a tree to which I gave recursive solution. He was okay and asked me to write iterative solution. I wrote level order using queue and he satisfied happy with my code.

This round was again checking code along with project discussion.

Technical + HR round:

He asked me if i was satisfied with my cgpa and responsibilities of CR (as i was class representative last year). Then he asked me my favorite data structure, i said hashing, and then he started discussing everything on hashing from hash function to collision and probing techniques..

Then he asked me why you want to work at Microsoft and later, do you have any questions. I asked him how Azure team ensures that there is no data leakage and how does people of different skills work together in internship..

That was all.

Microsoft was focused more on how good we are able to explain the code, and how much efficient and clean code we wrote in interviews and group fly rounds.

I would like to thank everyone at Team Demux. ❤ Considering me as the person who was average at coding and wanted to enjoy in summer holidays and do other activities, Demux academy helped me a lot by making me spend 3 hours in front of laptop and improving my patience and thinking skills.

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