Student Interview Experience

Amazon Internship Interview experience

Amazon Internship Experience

It visited our campus IIIT-A for summer internships of 2020 . I will share my interview experience here.

There was one online coding round in which there were 2 coding and 25 aptitude questions , the questions were pretty easy and standard ones with some long made story to describe the actual problem statement. 25 people were shortlisted for the personal interview in which there was only one round , the interview began with the lady asking me to introduce myself , then moved on to ask questions on concepts of OS like caching , page fault , deadlock etc . After that she asked me about theory of various machine learning models as i had mentioned them in my CV . After this she discussed my projects for another 5–10 mins . Now finally , she asked a coding ques based on Trie . Initially i was stuck and told the brute force way but after a hint i figured out the approach and told it to her , she asked me for few proofs as to why this will work and i proved the same. Then she asked me to code that down and that was the end of the interview.

Demux academy live sessions really helped me a lot during the vacations and taught me a whole new perspective for approaching different kind of problems . The mentors were super helpful. I would definitely recommend to join this bootcamp to everyone who is preparing for the same and needs a guidance.

The results came out after 2 hours and i was selected ! 😉

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