Student Interview Experience

Flipkart Interview Experience (For 2020 Summer Intern On-Campus)

Round 1-Coding Round

Three questions were asked in the coding round and was conducted on hackerrank.

Question 1-

The first question was very simple based on permutations and combinations. We had to tell the number of groups of three people in which we can divide m men and n women.

Question 2

The second question tested concepts related to string handling. We had to find the maximum substring starting with a suffix and ending with a prefix,the string prefix and suffix were given as inputs.

Question 3-

The third question was based on the application of Disjoint Set Union(DSU) on graphs. We had to divide the nodes into groups depending on the edges.

I was able to solve the first two questions completely and the last one partially.

Round 2-Technical Interview 1

A total of three questions all based on DSA were asked.

Question 1-

The first question was to merge overlapping intervals which can be solved by applying sorting on a vector of pairs.

Question 2-

The second question was the snake ladder problem which can be solved by the application of breadth first search(bfs).

Question 3-

The last question was based on sorting and hashing. We were given n inputs each input consisted of name,contact no and email address we had to link all the inputs with same email id,same name and same contact no together.

Round 3-Technical Interview 2

Even in this round three questions based on DSA were asked.

Question 1-Given n ropes,the cost of merging two ropes is their lengths,we had to merge all the ropes in such a way that the cost was minimum.My initial solution was based on sorting but the time complexity was O(n²logn).The interview asked me to optimize the code which i did and the time complexity reduced to O(nlogn).

Question 2-

The second question was based on graphs.Given n pairs of political parties where each party in a pair hates the other is it possible to divide all the parties into two groups such that no two parties in the same group hate each other.I solved this question by two methods-coloring a bipartite graph and Disjoint Set Union(DSU) on graphs.

Question 3-

The last question was again based on graphs in which we were given a starting combination and we had to reach a target combination in minimum number of steps.I solved this question with bfs and the interviewer was satisfied.

The interviewers gave hints while i was solving the problems and helped me come up with the best solution in each case.Overall it was a great experience where i learnt to use the information and hints given by the interviewer to improve my solution.

Demux Academy Experience-

Demux Bootcamp played a pivotal role in helping me prepare for the internships and ultimately bagging an internship at flipkart. The mentors were dedicated and helped each and every student to reach their maximum potential. The mentors were too kind to guide and teach us for free for 4–5 hours each day despite having full time jobs.They kept sessions interactive in which every student can put forward their solution which improved our thinking capacity. DPPs were provided regularly which improved the concepts we learnt in class. In my opinion every aspirant looking to get an internship should attend the bootcamp.

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