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Uber Interview Experience (For 2020 Summer Intern On-Campus) and Journey with Demux Academy

My Uber Interview Experience:

Shruti Agarwal-

3rd-year B.Tech Information Technology student at Delhi Technological University.

I recently got selected as an SDE Intern at Uber, so here I am sharing my interview experience with y’all.This was my first interview with a company and I was a bit nervous but the experience turned out to be awesome. I was expecting something like a very difficult interview but it ended up being like a discussion with the interviewers.

I had a total of three interview rounds, and all ended up being technical, I was very glad. 🙂


The first interviewer asked me about finding the nth root of a real positive number and asked me to code it.

I explained a binary search based O((log n)²) solution and the interviewer was also convinced with it. He asked me to code, which I did easily and then was immediately called for my next interview.


The second interviewer asked me the following question:-

If there are n people and they want to go to a haunted place in a group, and a person will go with at least L more people and atmost H more people (for every person L, H are given), find the maximum size of the group that can go to the haunted place.

He also gave me a test case and asked me to find the answer for it, to make sure that I was able to understand the question correctly. Moving forward with the example really helped me to build my approach and I gave him an O(n²) solution, which I further optimized to O(n) using a hashtable. He seemed to be satisfied with my approach. In fact, while solving the question I always made sure if I was going in the right direction or not by asking the interview whenever needed.


For some of my fellow interviewees, the last round was HR round, though it was not the case with me. It actually depended on the interviewer — what he/she was more interested in asking.

So for me, it was totally based on data structures. The interviewer asked me about various data structures and discussed the insert, delete and lookup time complexities for each. He asked me about the implementation of hashtables in detail. He also asked me about various possibilities to create a min function for the hashtable and then gave me the condition to create the function in such a way that I can only take a hit on the insert function. I came up with several approaches and ended up using a linked list along with the data structure used to implement the hashtable like an array. The interviewer seemed to be happy with my approaches/thinking process as I could interpret from his response and the interview ended on a very positive note. He was a great interviewer, I must say.

I was extremely happy after the overall interview experience. It was an amazing day.

On my way back, when the results got announced, a total of 5 students were selected and I was extremely happy to be one of them. I am really excited and looking forward to working with my dream company.

But all this could not have been possible without the help of Demux Academy.

My Journey with Demux Academy:

I am grateful to all the mentors at Demux for taking out time to take regular online live sessions on data structures and algorithms despite their own jobs and hectic schedules to help students like me land our dream companies, and all that without even a penny (absolutely free of cost).

The sessions by them had helped me a lot to clarify all my concepts in DSA and ultimately be able to clear my coding tests and interviews.

I would say, Demux is the best place to prepare for technical interviews.

Thank you for reading my Uber interview experience and journey with Demux.

I hope it helps you!

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