Adobe Interview Experience(For 2020 Summer Intern On-Campus)

By Pawan Gupta – https://medium.com/@fr.agnel.pawan

Interview Experience

Round 1:Coding Round

The coding round was conducted on Hackerrank. There were 18 questions in total. 10 questions were on aptitude and probability(medium level). 5 questions based on matrices concepts which I have studied in my +2(like eigen values,eigen vectors,idempotant matrix,and some properties of matrix).16th question was based on sorting algorithm, we have to write its pseudo code only(easy level).17th question was a hard problem from leetcode, follow the link for the ques(https://leetcode.com/problems/cherry-pickup/). In the last question we were asked to write a start-up,and about a current ongoing famous startup(any) which is going to fail in future.

Round 2Telephonic Interview

The interview lasts for about 1:15 hour. I was first asked about basic c++ concepts-: copy constructor,friend function,friend class and their uses,static function and static variables. Then the interviewer checked my knowledge on pointers,he asked me various questions on pointers like what is the significance of const keyword in different position while declaring a pointer(Tip: do study pointers in deep because they are not very difficult to study and are very beneficial for interviews).Then he asked me about various OOPS concepts. After that he asked me that how many sorting algorithm do i know ,i listed 10,then he asked me to explain my favorite sorting algorithm , i explained him quicksort , then he asked me to reduce its worst time complexity(which is O(n2)), then i told him randomized quicksort and how it works. Next he asked me about stack data structure, its properties,different types of operation of stack,application of stack. Then he asked me to explain both bfs and dfs. after that he asked me two coding question on strings Ques1. you have to find first non repeating character in a string(https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/given-a-string-find-its-first-non-repeating-character/)(the string does not contain alphabets only, it may contain japanese ,chinese and various other characters so it can be very long). First i have told a map based solution then he asked me to reduced space complexity to O(1), then i told him bit-manipulation approach(works only for alphabets). Ques2. Reverse words in a given string(https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/reverse-words-in-a-given-string/). i have told a O(n) time and O(1) space solution. In the end he asked me to explain my project for 5–10 minutes,then he asked me some questions on that.

Basically when you are giving interview on phone , you have to be very clear on your voice as well as on your words, the interviewer main concern was how i am explaining the things and how i am approching a question.Overall it was a great experience.

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