About Us

About Us

Demux Academy is an incubator for college students with the aim of discovering and training unrealized talents for today’s most in-demand careers.

We cover everything that an employer expects out of university graduates. Please take a look at our brochure for a detailed break-up of topics. Apart from imparting domain knowledge, we take mock-interviews, organize Pep talks with Industry leaders and conduct mini industry relevant engineering projects. At the end of the incubation programme, we invite companies to hire.

This initiative was taken keeping in mind the amount of talent we have in our country, yet we fail to utilize it completely. We aim to bring visibility in this domain, which is perhaps considered one of the most niche factor in our education system

Why Join us?

  • Novel curricula around mini real-world engineering problems making use of concepts that students learn as part of their university education.
  • Unique teaching-learning process focussing on Analyzing, researching and understanding problems at depth
    • Identifying, proposing and consuming solutions to sub-problems by using the domain knowledge acquired in universities
    • Combining these sub-problems to solve the original problem at hand Retrospecting on these solutions
    • Focus on higher-order skills, such as analyzing and solving engineering problems, as well as creativity.
  • A rigorous assessment framework which assesses them on the basis of these skills.
About Us

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We don't boast about changing million lives. We believe in results, not fiction.

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A small step from you can go a long way in helping our students realize their dreams and potential. Flexible timings, monetary compensation and recognition in your field are just a tip of the iceberg what you can achieve!